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Sugar - Organic Raspberry 4oz jar

Sugar - Organic Raspberry 4oz jar

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Gathered in the wild by the people of Troy on the foothills of Mt. Ida in ancient history, the raspberry has long been loved for its sweet and tart flavor. Popularized and improved, the raspberry, traditionally a summer fruit, is now available year round. Its beautiful color and special taste have been perfectly preserved in Essential Cane Raspberry sugar. The whole fruit is used and infused into natural organic cane sugar, creating a rich taste and sweet aroma, perfect for adding a burst of color and flavor to your culinary creations.

Raspberry Sugar
Red Oregon Raspberries are the star ingredient in this beautiful, fuchsia colored sugar. The natural color alone makes our Raspberry sugar perfect for topping sweets. Raspberry sugar has a phenomenal real fruit flavor.

Sweet: Top lemon bars, sugar cookies or chocolate cake.
Fresh: Add a dash of raspberry sugar to a mixed greens salad with balsamic dressing.
Savory: Sprinkle Raspberry sugar on scallops while grilling for a caramelized glaze.
Liquid: Rim a glass of cold champagne - or simply a tart glass of lemonade.
Twist: Use Raspberry sugar to add some personality to your morning oatmeal!
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