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Sugar - Organic Lime 4oz jar

Sugar - Organic Lime 4oz jar

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In kitchens around the world, limes are valued for their acidity and the unique floral aroma of the zest. A key component of Thai dishes, Mexican and Southwestern cooking, and the delicious star ingredient of the famed American treat - Key Lime Pie, limes add zesty citrus flavor to a diverse range of meals, both savory and sweet. The perfect marriage of pure cane sugar and the tart juice of limes, Essential Cane Lime sugar adds a punch of bright, citrus flavor and just the right amount of sweetness to practically any dish.

Lime Sugar
Use our gourmet Lime sugar whenever you want a crisp, citrus splash. Lime is an extremely versatile flavor. Combine Lime sugar with sea salt and use as a simple but tasty seasoning.

Sweet: Top coconut pudding or a tropical parfait.
Fresh: Add Lime sugar to grilled veggies for a refreshing pizzazz.
Savory: Especially good on chicken and white fish.
Liquid: Rim a glass of cold sparkling water.
Twist: Try a dash of Lime sugar in homemade guacamole.
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