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Sugar - Organic Clove 4oz jar

Sugar - Organic Clove 4oz jar

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During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in Britain, cloves were worth their weight in gold. Today, they are a spice that is used in cuisines all over the world. Originally from the tropical Spice Islands in Indonesia, cloves have become a popular feature in many countries' native cooking, in places as diverse and exotic as India and Mexico. Brought together here with organic, naturally-grown and pesticide-free sugar, Essential Cane Clove sugar will sweeten any dish and bring a vibrant taste of this well-travelled spice to the table.

Clove Sugar
A warm winter spice, clove sugar brings a taste of real clove to your kitchen year round. Mix with Cinnamon and Ginger sugars for instant Thanksgiving spice.

Sweet: Delicious on traditional carrot cake or gingersnap cookies.
Fresh: Use clove sugar on steamed or baked carrots.
Savory: Make a mouth-watering glaze by coating the top of a ham just before baking.
Liquid: Use clove sugar on steamed or baked carrots.
Twist: Rim the edge of your mug of hot buttered rum.
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