Popular Candle Types

Popular Candle Types 

Candles come in many different shapes and sizes. These are the most popular candle styles and types found on the market.

TAPER CANDLES: A slender candle that is typically 6 to 16 inches high and is often revered to as a dinner candle. Taper candles are designed to be held by a candle holder, sometimes called a candle stick. There are a large variety of taper candle holders available on the market.

PILLAR CANDLES: A self-standing candle with one or more wicks, usually having a diameter of 2 inches or more. Despite the name, pillar candles can be round, square and thick but can be round or hexagonal. Pillars can stand on their own but they need to be burned in/on heat resistant surface or holder.

CONTAINER, JAR OR FILLED CANDLES: A poured candle that is filled into a glass, metal or ceramic container specifically designed to withstand the heat of the burning candle. Jar candles are usually strongly fragranced.

VOTIVE CANDLES: A small cylindrical candle, usually about 1½ inches in diameter and 2 or 2½ inches high, designed to be placed in a votive holder to hold the melting wax that results from burning. . In Christianity, a "votive candle" is a small, short candle in a special holder which is placed in a church or sanctuary for devotional purposes and they were originally produced as white unscented candles for religious ceremonies. They are now available in many colors and scents.

GEL CANDLE: A transparent candle material made primarily from gelled mineral oils or gelled synthetic hydrocarbons. The soft gels are poured into a container to maintain the candle’s shape. Hard gel candles have a consistency that is suitable for free standing much like a pillar candle. Decorative wax items are frequently placed inside a gel candle to visualize a specific theme.

TEALIGHTS: A small, cylindrical, candle that is often poured into a aluminum or other metal holder. They are usually about 1.5 inch in diameter and 1 to 1.5 inches high. Tealights are available scented or unscented.

LUMINARIA: A luminaria or farolito is a light or little lantern, usually a candle inside a paper lamp shade, which is of significance among New World Hispanics at Christmas time. The most basic and common luminaria is a votive candles set in paper bags weighted with sand. They are placed in rows along walkways and driveways.

BIRTHDAY CANDLES: This does not need much explanation. Everybody has seen them. Now days they come in all kinds of shapes like numbers and letters, cartoon characters or the traditional small "stick in the cake" candles.

SPECIALTY CANDLES: Are candles that have a distinct look or are made by using a special technique. They can be unusually shaped or sculpted candles, often depicting a real object. Another term frequently used for this type of candle is novelty candles.