What do these Fortune 500
companies have in common?


All of them have a considerable amount of retail space dedicated to ‘Organic’ products1. Did you know that the demand for organic food, clothing, and other goods rose over 11.5% last year? Organic product sales in the U.S. alone, is over $40 billion and growing!

With rising concerns for health safety, increased ‘go-green’ consciousness and growing consumer awareness, demand for organic products has gone global.  These Fortune 500 companies see where the market is headed and have positioned themselves to take advantage of this growth potential. How about you?

If you aren’t including organic products in your business model, you’re missing out on substantial revenue opportunities and the positive business image and/or perception the use or sale of these products provide to your customers or clients.

Don’t Organic Products cost a lot of money?
Maybe in the past, but as demand for organic products increase, so does supply which, in turn, brings prices down. Bridgewood Organics provides a broad range of high-quality products at very competitive pricing that meet the needs of several industries:

  • Restaurants/Chefs – organic seasonings offer rich flavor and color to your dishes; organic peppercorns; culinary, gourmet, and smoked salts; organic sugars with natural flavors; organic teas and blends; vacuum storage containers to keep foods & spices fresh longer

  • Salons, Spas, B&B, Luxury Hotels, Hairstylists, & Massage Therapists – organic skin lotions; organic shampoos and conditioners; premium massage oils/lotions; your choice of custom blends with essential oils. Private Labeling available.

  • Medical/Chiropractic Offices – organic bar & foam soaps; soothing bath salts with essential oils; effective marketing giveaways to current or potential patients: all-natural lip balms (23 flavors) with your logo/phone # on label; candle warmers and wax cubes that provides a fresh clean smell to the office or waiting room. Private Labeling available.

  • StoresAny of our natural or organic products are a perfect choice to offer your customers. Products are labeled with UPC codes. We provide you with product information in .csv, tab-delimited or Excel format to allow for easy import directly into your database.

Increase your sales and income by attracting more customers, patients, and/or clients when you promote and advertise that you use or offer organic products. It demonstrates to them that you care about their health and well-being.

Bridgewood Organics wants to become your preferred vendor for organic products. Let us earn your business. Call us today at [253] 852-1074, and discover how we can meet and exceed your needs.