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Did you know that for every 10 bars of organic soap bars we sell, a new tree is planted? This program is responsible for over 23,000 trees planted!


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Our Organic Tea is Fair Trade Certified. Whenever you purchase a Fair Trade Certified product a percentage of that money is passed from you directly back to the producers. This money is called a “Fair Trade Premium.” In order to qualify for the Fair Trade Premium the producers agree that they will offer employees a fair wage, not employ child labor, and give their workers collective-bargaining rights. The producers also agree that all decisions made on how to use the Fair Trade Funds are arrived at democratically. 

What is a TightVac?

vitavac 1TightVac is a patented vacuum-sealed food storage container that keeps items fresh up to 3x longer than conventional containers. 

Tired of your food going stale just days after you have purchased it? 
How about those cookies you bought last week – Taste a little strange? Looking forward to those Cheese puffs you bought Two days ago? But they aren’t crunching anymore? OOHHH they taste like wet card board. How about baking some cookies for the family? – Oh no! – Weevil bugs have invaded my flour, cereal and oatmeal!!! YUCK!!!These are all problems of the past – Because with the Tightvac Food Storage Systemthese things will not happen anymore. We guarantee it!!!

TightVac Facts & Information

Tightvac Closure System is NEW! Tightvacs have the easiest open and close system of any container on the market! Tightvacs are sold all over the world! There have been over 5 million Tightvacs sold globally.Tightvac’s are Airtight, Water Resistant and Smell Proof! Tightvacs come in 10 different sizes and a variety of colors. Organizers all over the world are using The Tightvac food storage system to make their kitchens the envy of the neighborhood! The variety of colors allows the customer to create a color-coded storage system. Tightvacs come in Clear and Solid body styles facilitating diversity in storage. The Solid container is ideal for any light sensitive good, from expensive spices and mushrooms to light sensitive electronic equipment. 

recycleTightvacs benefit the environment conserving food longer, making for less food dumped into the garbage pile. The long-lasting durability of the container makes for many years of use, cutting down on the disposable nature of containers. Saving our environment from the never ending pile up of “disposable” plastic bags in landfills.  

bigstock coffee bean 29408012Tightvacs are the ultimate Coffee container! Coffee the second most traded commodity in the world is packaged with a release valve allowing natural gases to escape. Our Unique Tightvac Closure System allows for the coffee to breathe while in the container keeping your coffee beans & grounds in the ultimate COFFEE environment. Tightvacs guarantee the smooth coffee flavor you pay for!

Tightvacs will store Dried Goods and keep them fresh for up to one year!!! Oatmeal, cereals, flour, rice, nuts, salt, crackers, chips, teas, sugar, dried fruits & cheeses, candy & snacks of every kind will no longer go stale or soggy. Second homes, boats, RV’s and the garage will all welcome the Tightvac Storage System. 

fridgeTightvacs are also great in the refrigeratorkeeping your cheeses fresh for up to two months! Fruits and vegetables will stay fresher for much longer in a refrigerated Tightvac. Tightvac’s are fantastic in the cupboard, the fridge, the freezer, the TV room, great for boating, camping, road trips and incredibly in the tool shed for keeping screws, nuts & bolts. Because no moisture gets in – No Rust. Electronic equipment & jewelry have an airtight safe dust free dry environment! 

Tightvac Travel - The five sizes make it a great travel container! Use them to store your vitamins and toiletries, ear plugs and mask, a must for the long flights! With all the new airport regulations, you can use your clear Tightvac container for all your carry on liquids, easy to pull in and out of your “carry on”. Neat & organized making airport security a breeze!

pawvac2lb 1
Tightvacs and your PET! Let us not forget our furry friends! Tightvac’s make great pet food containers! Use your Tightvac instead of the messy boxes or bags and keep the pet food fresh and neat & most of all bugs free!Minivac – This perfect small (.12 liter) container is great for vitamins, spices, jewelry, money, buttons, beads, and all your precious & sensitive items.

Tightvac’s amazing versatility makes it highly functional in all climate conditions, from super humid & tropical environments to the cold dry mountain and desert climates. 



TightVac Care & Maintenance

*Do not put Tightvacs in the dishwasher:  *HAND WASH ONLY* ---
Always thoroughly dry your Tightvac immediately. This will prevent the clouding effect that a lot of soaps and chemicals have on clear plastic.

*Keep the Interior of the cap & the top of the container clean. 
This is very important – *neglecting the cleaning where the cap and body meet may cause the cap to become difficult to put on & off.

*Also storing sticky products may cause this effect as well. If this does occur - clean these areas thoroughly with alcohol or a strong soap. Make sure you have wiped clean all surfaces and then have dried them properly. There are now several methods to make your Tightvac work properly:

*We recommend WAX. Food grade wax – Candle wax – Wax paper – You can even use car wax if you are not eating out of the container. Simply apply wax to the inside of the cap & the body of the container where the cap & body meet. Let the wax dry, and then thoroughly rub wax off with a clean cloth until you have a smooth slick surface. Now you can put the cap back on your Tightvac -- This should make it alot easier to open & close your container. If your Tightvac has been neglected.

Q: What is a TightVac?
A: A TightVac is the first patented vacuum sealed container of its kind that creates a vacuum with the push of a button; keeping dry goods fresh for a year and beyond! TightVacs are currently available in nine different sizes.

Q: How does a TightVac work? 
A: The concept is simple; as the cap is pushed down air is displaced or sucked out of the container through a button on the cap; thus creating a vacuum seal. It is very difficult to pull the cap off without pressing the button. Simplicity that works!

Q: Are TightVacs dishwasher and microwave safe?
A: Unfortunately, no. TightVacs must be hand-washed. The intense heat in dishwashers and microwaves can warp your TightVac.

Q: Can TightVacs be used in the refrigerator?
A: Absolutely! TightVacs are perfect for condiments, pickles, leftovers, and more.

Q: Cap is too loose for you? Does yours pull off easily without pressing the button?
A: This is completely normal when your container is new. In the past, Tightvac caps were designed to fit the container body as snug as possible. After performing extensive testing on how to make our Vacs last longer (regardless if they are used in the home, place of business or for traveling) we found that producing caps with a slightly looser fit can actually double the Vac's lifespan while still maintaining an airtight vacuum seal! The more a Tightvac is opened and closed, the tighter the seal becomes; thus making Tightvacs the world's first truly sustainable container.

The new Tintvac line (Colbalt, Emerald, Rose & Mocha) is made from a different plastic material and therefore more slippery than the clear and solid color models. When new, the Tintvac caps appear to slide off easier than the non-tinted models. This is normal and after a few weeks of use, the caps will become more difficult to pull off without pressing the button. When properly maintained, this material has the ability to last for 5 years and beyond.

Q: Is it OK to use the 1lb CoffeeVac, even if I only store about 12 oz of coffee or less at a time?
A: The amount of product stored does not matter - it will create a vacuum whether the CoffeeVac is full or 10% - So this is no problem.